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They Call Me Piper
Saturday, August 26, 2006 Men are such P-I-G-S!!!!

As I stated in my earlier post my brats are with the ex this weekend. Well I was at the store most of the morning, and when I got home there was a message on my machine. Once his voice came over the damn speaker my hairs stood on end, I swear he could scare a crocodile back into the water with his oh so not pleasent voice of his. This is what he said on the message.

"Piper, this is Robin." No shit, like I know anyone else that has, I smoke 3 packs a day voice. *Coughs* "Well like I said this is Robin, and I'm afraid that you are gonna have to come get Brandi and Kyle. See I have this thing that I forgot about that I have to do tonight, and the kids just can't stay here by themselves. So please call me back when you get this message." *Coughs then dial tone*.

Great, just great, he is backing out of his only responsiblity, I mean i didn't make my ownself pregnat 13 years ago, he was there to help me. Good God! So I called him back like his so desperate message demanded I do. This is how the conversation went.

Robin: Hello?
Me: What is so important that you can't keep the kids?
Robin: Oh, It's just you. (well who else would it be, he has caller id the nimwhit).
Me: Well don't sound so thrilled to hear me. What is so damn important that you can't keep the kids for your full scheduled weekend?
Robin: I have a date.
Me: WHAT?! That's the reason!?!
Robin: Yes, that is the reason
Me: You are telling me that you are going to nix your parental responsiblities for a damn date?
Robin: Well it's not how it sounds...
Me: Oh so it does sound like ' I can't take care of my children because I have a hot date tonight, and if I don't go out on it I may not get laid?" then right?
Robin: No
Me: Damnit Robin, you only get the kids 2 times a month during the summer, and one time during the school year, and you are going to send them back here because you have a DAMN DATE? Do you think that is fair to the children?
Robin: No it's not fair, but it's also not fair that I have to drop my social life either.
Me: Well excause the fuck out of me, when was it that I got myself pregnant?
Robin: What?
Me: Never mind, did you tell the kids yet?
Robin: No, thought I would when you got here.
Me: Are you fucking kidding me? You haven't told them yet? My God Robin are you that selfish that you can't tell your own kids why they can't stay there this weekend? Or are you wanting me to do it for you?
Robin: Well...*coughs*
Me: OH MY GOD, you want me to tell them why you don't want them there this weekend, this is fucking great, thanks alot, not like that don't hate me already. Why is it that I'm also the bad person in this parenting thing, and they like put you up on some fucking pedistal like you are a GOd or something?
Robing: I don't know
Me : That's right, because you don't know shit from a rock.
Robin: Don't you threaten me
Me: Um, that wasn't a threat on brillant one, that was a FACT a F A C T.
Robin: Just be here in an hour to get them please.
Me: Whatever.

Okay so I may have gone a little over board on that conversation to him, but damnit to say you don't want your kids because you have a date, a date I remind you he made this morning, not a month ago or even a few days ago, but this morning.

So I went to the Hollywood Hills to get the kids, and I had to explain why they couldn't stay at their dads for the weekend. Yeah you try explaining this to a 13 and 11 year old, it wasn't easy. But for some reason I made Robin out as the good guy and me out as the bad guy. I may talk that way to Robin to his face and even to my friends, but I never talk bad about him to the kids or around the kids. SO i guess I'm the reason they put their father up on that pedestal.

So now I'm home with the brats, Brandi has herself locked in her room, and Kyle is in the pool with his friends swimming. I tried to get Brandi to come down and eat lunch with me and go to Barney's to shop, but she just turned up the music louder in her room. That's how she's talking to me these days, through her god awful music. Kyle just goes to a friends or has a friend over, my kids never talk to me.....

As the title states MEN ARE PIGS!!!! All they want is to get some, and don't care who they shit on to get it, even if it is their own flesh and blood!!

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