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They Call Me Piper
Friday, August 25, 2006 So now..what's next?

Well this my friends is my first attempt to doing what they call "blogging", what a thing huh? A journal that is so not personal, anyone and their harry asses can come read it, great eh?

Well, I can see all the confused faces out there. "Why am I here?" You say to yourself scratching your head. Well my friend you are here because you ventured over from my best gal Butterflychic26's page. You probably are thinking, yes I know this, why are you telling me this now? Well see I'm her "other Self" the self that she doesn't let come out and play, and frankly it pisses me plum off. See she tries so hard to tuck me deep inside her, so nobody can see me, well honey, I have broken through that barrier. I'm out and I'm gonna rave some havic over here. She has pleaded and pleaded with me not to do so, I just told her this "Guess what girl, you've locked me up for so long...now pay backs are a bitch."

Lets see where to get started, ahh yes, my name is Piper Snow, yes indeedy, that is my name, I don't know what she was thinking when she gave me the name, but o'well I guess I can't complain she could of given me a name such as Bambi, or Buffy or some shit like that, so I'm not gonna say shit about the name I got stuck with. I'm a 32 year old single white female, with 2 kids, whom I must say are brats, but I guess God has something very special instore for me, since he sent them to me. I thank him everyday, yup I do, I thank him for sending me 2 of the most ungrateful humans on this planet, it sure does brighten up my day. Okay back to me, I live in the great town of Beverly Hills (hey i'm her other self, but frankly I would be caught dead living in that shit hole of a town she lives in, thank you very much), California. I am an author, I write all those so nice romantic novels, to bad I can't conjure up a sexy hot piece of ass myself, my neighbor Mr. Spelling just passed away. It was a sad ordeal really sad, he was like only 100 years old or something. I'm divorced to the 3rd most ungrateful human on this planet, who thinks that child support is an option not a law.
So...how ya like me so far? I'm such a spitfire eh? Well it only gets better as the time goes by. You will ride this little roller coaster with me and my 2 ungrateful children, and it will be hell of a scary but fun right all at the same time. I can't wait to get started!

Well I have a lot of other things I should be doing right now. And frankly "she" is screaming at me to stop typing this as I am typing it. She is SOOOOO annoying. She won't let a gal do what she has to do. Sometimes I think what it would be like if she was the "other half of me" damn sure know I wouldn't let her break through the barrier, like she did me! That's for damn sure!

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